Long sleeve summer shirts are making a comeback, and this time with chic colors and patterns.

When summer hits, we usually cram our wardrobe with short sleeve shirts. Well, short shirts may be a good choice, considering the fact that they are less boxy. But, they may put a stop to your options of trying out something new every day.

Well, you wouldn’t want to go to your workplace everyday donning a same style. Would you?

You wouldn’t. In fact, nobody would.

Here, you can opt for chic long sleeve summer shirts for men. The full sleeve shirts let you choose from several options, depending on the occasion or need. For instance, you may lash a tie around your neck to don a smart and office-ish looks.

Or, you may roll the sleeves for a neat and not-so-bulgy casual looks. The choices are many, and it all comes down to what you prefer.

Why Else Do You Need Long Sleeve Shirts in Summers?

Styling is the first and foremost benefit of men’s lightweight long sleeve shirts. You have a wide range of patterns at your disposal such as the case with checked or patterned shirts.

Needless to say, you also have the option of donning either a full-wrist or rolled-sleeve style. In fact, you may roll the sleeves for a more out-of-the-office looks. Loose a button or two, roll the sleeves, wear a chino and you’re good to go for a get together with friends, party, and more.

Apart from styling, one of the best benefits of wearing long sleeve during the summers is to survive the heat, which is now more intense than yesteryears. Along with fighting off the growing heat, long sleeve will also keep you from the resulting sunburn and even the UV damage.

Human body is designed to fight off heat by producing sweat. The sweat acts as a cooling mechanism. A sweaty body is something nobody likes. As a result, you feel the intense urge of wearing either short sleeve shirts or no shirts at all. An exposed skin ultimately leads to sunburn and even the UV damage.

Cool long sleeve shirts for summer will soak all the sweat, keeping your body from getting all damp or sticky. Moreover, the sleeves will keep the arms from getting exposed to the Sun and, thus, protect the skin against UV damage and sunburn.

Pick from the 5 Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Summers for Men

Well, if you’ve made up your mind to don a smarter looks this summer all the while protect your skin from unwanted UV exposure, check out our list of cool long sleeve shirts for hot weather.

Kyle Polka Dot Shirt

kyle long sleeve summer shirt for men

Stylish vibes abound with this polka dot cool long sleeve shirt. In fact, Kyle is Z8’s king of the long sleeve summer shirts. It flaunts chic polka dots on contrast collars and sleeves. Plus, its cotton-poly mixed fabric will keep your skin from soaking up sweat and let your skin breath all day long.

It is available in navy blue and white colors with handsome contrasted collars.

Adam Button-Down Shirt

cool long sleeve summer shirts for men

Be it a formal occasion or a night out with friends, wear Adam’s button-down slim fit shirt for a stylish statement. The shirt is woven with 97% cotton and 3% lycra fabric which combine to give you a breathable and wrinkle-free wear.

Pick your desired color from a range of choices including charcoal grey, light purple, purple brown, yellow blue, light blue and more.

Andrew Point Collar Shirt

men's lightweight long sleeve shirts for summer

Want to add a sophisticated wear to your wardrobe ensemble? You may want to try out the point collar Andrew long sleeve dress shirt. Tuck in and lash a tie for the day in your office or unbutton the collar and roll up your sleeves for a night out on date.

Find your perfect Andrew point collar shirt in black, grey and white check.

Lewis Check Pattern Shirt

long sleeve summer work shirts

Are you more of a check shirt guy? How about you mix check pattern with contrast collars? The result is a chic Lewis long sleeve summer shirt.

Pick your favorite check shirt from a wide range of colors: light blue, pink, purple blue and salmon colors.

We aren’t convincing you that the short sleeves are dead or out of fashion. Well, short sleeve wears have its benefits but when it comes to surviving the blazing sun, you may want to some sleeves to cover your arms.