Whether you are looking to smarten up or dress down, checked shirts is your ultimate friend. The lumberjack vibe that a check shirt instantly provides makes it a perfect choice for menswear. From lighter, summer camping numbers to a thicker, winter wear, a check shirt comes in several panaches and styles.

Checked shirts never really went out of fashion; whilst we observe a frequent shift in their demand, they consistently remain a regular fashionable and timeless choice for men. They exhibit versatility, refinement, and robustness, making them a must-have clothing item for their wardrobe.

Though a huge variety of prints and colors aids the versatility of check shirts, it can also add a tad bit of complexity for you to work out the style that suits you the best. That’s where we step in. Let’s learn about coolest check shirt outfits for men and how you can pull them off!

Check Shirt Outfits for Men

When choosing a style to rock your check shirt, there are three things that you should consider: size, thickness, and color. Let’s talk about the size first. If you want to create a nonchalant, hipster appearance, then go for the shirts with large checks. The large check pattern exhibits the traditional lumberjack impression and adds a more relaxed and laid-back feel to your outfit. You can even add a high-quality Jimmie – Brown Genuine Leather Jacket, rugged jeans, and boots to give a modern cowboy look.

On the other hand, smaller checks tend to offer a more defined and uniform appearance, making you look smart and sharper. A small checked shirt such as Light Blue and White Check Dress Shirt make an ideal choice for formal environments and even for a date, making you look attractive and nifty. You have the flexibility to choose from a basic pattern to a busier one. Remember, check shirt with more lines dissecting your check shirt will equate to a busier look and vice versa.

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Thickness and material of the check shirt should also be chosen carefully. You may opt for a Mario – Linen Shirt for summer wear as linen is highly absorbent and an excellent conductor heat. For all year round, especially winters, cotton shirts such as Lewis – Salmon 4 Cross Stripe Dress Shirt can be an excellent choice as they are more breathable, and can be worn independently as well as open over a T-shirt.

Finally, choosing the right color can really make a huge difference. If you want a traditional lumberjack look, you can select a contrasting print Green and Black Check Dress Shirt with spread collar. On the other hand, if you are seeking a more formal look, then you can sport a more subtle color shirt such as Brown and Blue Check Dress Shirt with chinos, and brogue boots.

Final Words

To be honest, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing a check shirt outfit. That being said, keeping these pointers in your mind will help you dress suitably for the occasion. Just follow this guide and you will be able to create a functional wardrobe by picking up affordable shirts of check designs and dress immaculately.