You’ve swept right and found the woman of your dreams. Now what? Well, it’s time for a date night or day out with her.

It is believed that men take it easy than women when it comes to opting for the perfect outfit. It may be true to some extent, but some occasions throw many men into confusion. Dating is one such occasion.

For a successful date night out, it is imperative for men to dress to the nine. After all, the other person would also be making sure to be as presentable as possible. As a man, you should feel more responsible to respect the feelings of other.

It wouldn’t be much difficult for you to pick the right date outfit if it isn’t your first time. However, for the first-timers, choosing a date attire is tad challenging.

Read on and find out everything to about what to wear on a first date and make it to the second.

The Clothing Fit Matters

The fitting of a garment comes first and the rest later. After all, it doesn’t matter how expensive your blazer might be, it won’t bring out your stylish personality if it doesn’t go with your physique.

The right fit means a cloth is neither too baggy nor too tight, but a garment that hugs your body without restricting movements.

Keep in mind that date outfits are all about the details. If you don’t work out on the details, you might end up even losing the first five minutes of the date.

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Your Date Outfit Exudes Your Personality

If you want to win a battle, you might want to learn about the battle itself. Yes, dating is also like a battle: either you win in touching the heart of your date or you lose.

So, ask yourself, “Why people date?”

Dating gives both the parties a chance to get to know more about each other. Talk about personal life, professional life and read between the lines when determining the personality of the date.

If it is all about personality, then it becomes more important to be picky about your date outfit. After all, what you wear can tell other a lot about your personality.

Want some more reasons to dress well on a date?

  • Your dressing style is the first thing that catches the attention of the date, and attention is what you want.
  • As said earlier, you are simply returning the favor to the date by dressing admirably yourself.
  • Dressing shows your social skills. It tells how well you can blend in to the society while maintaining individuality.
  • It allows your date to assess your personality, behavior and attitude.

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Men’s First Date Do’s & Don’ts

Keeping in mind that following do’s and don’ts for the date night:

  • Sophisticated looks are for formal meetings like a business get together. Date night is nothing sophisticated. Therefore, keep in mind the tone of your garment and make sure you don’t pick a tone that seems too formal.
  • Go easy with the cologne. Try to be subtle when spraying yourself cologne or any other fragrance.
  • Your shoes are a significant part of your overall date outfit. So, don’t wear anything which is worn out. Either you get yourself a new pair or polish the current pair and make them appear all sparkly.
  • Avoid wearing hoodies when you’re going to a date. Hoodies aren’t a good match when it comes to dating. Pick a jacket or a sweater if you’re dating during the cold nights of winter.
  • Say no to sunglasses indoors. Don’t appear as someone who’s hiding something behind the glasses like a hangover.

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Best First Date Outfits for Men

Now that you’re all good to go, it’s time for a few date outfit suggestions that you may want to consider.

For Lunch Date

You may try the following if you are going on a date during daytime:

  • Button-down long sleeves shirt
  • Slim jeans
  • A pair of leather driver
  • Watch

For Dinner Date

  • Long Sleeves Shirt
  • Dark jeans
  • A pair of boots
  • Watch