How to Wear a Patterned Shirt – A Guide for Dummies

Patterned style shirts sound like a joke to some. But, believe us it isn’t. Once you try a patterned style and get compliments wherever you go, you will definitely start loving it.

Patterned shirts come in a wide variety of styles, colors and prints. You may find shirts boasting floral patterns, plaids, zigzag stripes or even polka dot shirts. Perhaps, the most common type of pattern shirts you would see other men wearing are the checked shirts.

In fact, the checked shirts further come in different styles such as large checks, small checks and multi-tone checks, to name a few.

If you are into patterned shirts or trying them for the first time, you would definitely need a guide to style the shirt the right way.

Layer the Pattern with a Suit

Pattern and suit also go well with each other. The key to pairing up the two is the detailing of the print. It is better to go with a detailed pattern (printed) shirt than a shirt containing bigger prints. After all, you wouldn’t want to make the ensemble out of balance.

When interesting patterns are combined with a subtle suit, it adds a touch of modish individuality. Moreover, it allows you to stand out of the crowd no matter the occasion.

As far as the added components are concerned, try to ditch tie with suit-pattern combo. If you want to add subtle touches to the ensemble, you may try pairing a pin with the combo, a pocket square or only cuffs.

Pair the Pattern with a Leather Jacket

When printed or pattern shirts are paired with a denim jeans and a biker leather jacket, it brings the rock-start out of you. It is a great combo for occasions like going on a road trip with your best buds, etc.

Leather jackets never make you look weird. In fact, it is a timeless piece of garment that adds the modish looks to your overall ensemble. In short, you can say that it is a fashion symbol that works great in ever place or occasion.

If you wish to ooze a completely bolder look, try pairing the pattern shirt with dark denim, biker leather jacket, a scarf and dark boots.

Couple the Pattern with a Pair of Chinos

You don’t want to get overly formal. You are not even interested in appearing as bold or a guy who means attitude. If you aren’t interested in either but looking for a more smart-casual look, you may want to try out this combo.

The smart-casual looks make sure that you don’t go overboard with being casual while also look modish. It is because of that you can pair the patterns like muted prints, checked patterns or plains with a chino. You may also layer the ensemble with a warm blazer if you are opting for the combo in winter.

The patterned smart-casual shirt would fit in a variety of occasions such as parties, dates, night-out with friends, and even as office attire.

Final Note

Don’t let others discourage you from trying out pattern shirts. Believe us, you will definitely look good. What you only need is the right guidance to pull off head-turning looks.