The white shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that serves as man’s greatest dressing tool. It’s classic, elegant, yet extremely simple attire that should be a staple of every gentlemen’s wardrobe.

It shows sophistication and considered as a symbol of affluence and wealth. After all, the term “white color” didn’t come into existence out of nowhere. If you have unsure how to wear a white button down shirt, check out this amazing guide below:

How do I wear my white button-down shirt?

Pair it with good ol’ jeans

Pairing your white shirt with jeans is perhaps the most popular way, and for a good reason. They make an excellent combo, providing a cool and classic feel. You can choose dark blue denim for a modern appearance, perhaps wear a timepiece or hand accessory to finish your outfit. Moreover, you can opt for black jeans to benefit from contrasting tone, which will help to provide a cleaner appearance, ideal for a smart casual look.

Suit up

white button down shirt

A Nyle – White Dress Shirt is an ideal choice to wear under a suit as it offers a picture-perfect canvas for a pocket square and a tie. If you’re wearing a gray or dark navy suit, a white shirt can be an excellent choice as it stands out without taking the focus away from the other accessories and the suit. The archetypal tone of a white shirt is crisp, clean, and highly versatile, offering you to formulate unique combos with different ties and pocket squares.

Linen trousers and chinos are your friends

White shirts look absolutely amazing when paired with linen trousers or chinos. The simplicity of both items of clothing can give an ultimate clean and tidy look. Also, the white shirt presents a great opportunity to try out a more flamboyant style. For instance, you can ditch a regular olive colored chino and opt for checked patterns or jazzy style chino. You will be surprised to see the new persona that it can help you to achieve and maybe embrace it in the future.

Shorts will do just fine

If there was a perfect summer outfit award show for the men, a white button down shirt paired with a pair of quality Bermuda shorts would win effortlessly. The white color is an ideal choice for summers as it repels the scorching heat of the sun and Bermuda shorts are the ultimate summer wear that helps you to remain cool and nonchalant. Make sure you go for a premium-quality white shirt with a slightly thick fabric to avoid excessive creases.

What about footwear?

Choosing the footwear to complement your white shirt heavily depends on the ensemble that you choose and the style you want to adopt. For instance, if you’re going out on a Friday night for a drink with your friends, you can opt for a pair of white sneakers. You can also go for loafers with monotones fora more contemporary look. Avoid wearing formal shoes unless you’re going to an interview or looking for a business-casual look.

Final Words

Due to the grace, refinement, and versatility, a white button down shirt qualifies for the top spot on your wardrobe. It can help you to effortlessly make a fashion statement. The best part: you don’t have to go to overpriced high-end stores to search for a white shirt. You can even get one online from a company that offers affordable shirts and you’ll be able to flaunt in style. After reading the above tips, you must have understand by now how to wear a white button down shirt.