2018 was one heck of a year for the fashion world. We have seen new trends emerging in the market, especially in menswear, which is both surprising and interesting. 2019 is all about contemporary twists on vintage styles and old favorites. There are also fresh ideas and concepts seeping in the men’s fashion industry. Let’s shed light on the top latest fashion trends for men in 2019 that you should keep an eye on.


mens clothing layering trend

Layering is perhaps the most emerging men’s fashion trends in the past few years and it is here to stay for a foreseeable future. As the winters are getting colder, layering allows a person to dress stylishly while keeping them warm and cozy. You can embrace this menswear trend without piling on five layers of clothing over your dress.

For instance, you can wear a Black Leather Jacket for Men over a shirt with chinos and boots for an elegant and sophisticated look or perhaps sport a Black and Red Hoodie over a T-shirt with denim jeans and sneakers for casual attire.

These are just a couple of examples; there are several options available when you are looking to layer up. Therefore, having a pair of quality leather jackets and hoodies can provide you the flexibility to flaunt in style.

Western Wear

The western wear has opened a new avenue in men’s fashion. The popularity of this men’s fashion trend is amplified in the last couple of years as more people started to jump on this bandwagon in order to try something different. Often dubbed as cowboy clothing, it primarily consists of a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a leather belt. However, the more modernized and subtler western look can be achieved by wearing a checkered shirt with spread collar such as Linen Shirt with jeans and long boots. Western-inspired wardrobe can be very informal and comfortable and makes it easier for you to dress fashionably without putting up a lot of hard work or effort.


minimalist clothing trend

The phrase ‘minimalism is the future’ is often thrown around the tech industry. While we don’t guarantee whether that’s the case; we can certainly tell that it is presently a hot menswear trend in 2019. This new approach towards men fashion requires only a subtle variation in tonality.

For instance, a crisp white cotton shirt such as Nyle White Dress Shirt is a staple of minimalistic wardrobe, which can be complemented by either dark blue chinos or khakis and brown loafers. You can wear a watch to complement your attire and leave the belt at home. You can add a more refined touch and clean finish to your minimalistic look by wearing a black leather jacket such as Black Genuine Leather Jacket over a black T-shirt and jeans or perhaps use a white tee for a more monochromatic look.


The stigma related to men fashion ornaments is slowly fading away, enabling them to rock their favorite accessories with confidence and style. The most famous menswear trend in 2019 is perhaps the most obvious one: the wristwatch. Consider investing in a high-quality watch to complement your trendy outfit. If you work in a professional environment; go for conventional watches to complement our formal attire. Conversely, if you dress informally, you’ll be better off with sports watches or smartwatches to complement your dressing.

Final Words

The new year has just begun, and it presents a perfect opportunity to start off your journey with these latest fashion trends for men fn 2019 mentioned above. You don’t even have to buy expensive clothing as affordable shirts, if worn correctly, will help you make a fashion statement. With so many unique menswear trends and ideas to look forward to, you have numerous options to choose as inspiration for 2019.