Our leather jackets are proudly handcrafted by artisans who have been creating leather jackets for decades.

Making a leather jacket is a beautiful process to witness end to end, and we could not help but to share the journey of our jackets before they get to you!

Read on!

From the threads to the lining used, it is the little things that we rarely see that are crucial to making a fine leather jacket.

Our jackets are created from genuine sheepskin leather. The hides undergo vegetable tanning, and then they are washed again and wrung out thoroughly.

Although modern technology allows several layers of fabric to be cut simultaneously, leather is usually cut one layer at a time. The pattern is placed on top of the leather and cut accordingly. Lining material for the jacket is cut in the same manner.

Each sewing machine is equipped with under-bed trimming devices that automatically knot and cut threads after each seam is sewn.

A number of pressing processes incorporating heat application, steaming, and blocking are employed to complete the transformation of the animal skins into a jacket.

Curved blocks are placed around the collars and cuffs and then heat is applied. The blocks are removed, leaving the collars and cuffs curved.

Each jacket is inspected by hand before it leaves the factory floor. The completed jackets are then sheathed in plastic bags, packed into cartons, and shipped.

We hope you enjoy your leather jacket even more knowing it was handcrafted for you, our customers.

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