Men bomber jacket style has seen various upgrades throughout the century. What started as an aviator jacket to keep the pilots’ warm now turned into a permanent fixture in the men’s wardrobe.

Since there is a wide breadth of bomber jacket styles out there, picking out a style that fits your taste can be confusing. To ease your confusion, we’ve put together this guide that will walk you through the styling of one of the most popular jackets.

What is a Bomber Jacket?

what is a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets have a century-old history which takes us way back to the World War II. The pilot jackets were introduced when aerial attacks took the center stage. Since pilots needed to be at high altitudes, they required an outerwear that could keep them warm and protected against the elements up there. This is where bomber jackets played their part.

The typical characteristics of these jackets are the ribbed cuffs and hems that gather seamlessly at areas from where the pilots are vulnerable the most against chilling climate. Apart from that, the jacket also flaunted a fleece collar for added warmth and comfort.

Fast forward to the 21st century, these jackets are now available in various colors and styles. For instance, the fleece collars are replaced with the short collars. In fact, you can even find a hooded bomber jacket. Likewise, you can find nylon bomber jackets, lightweight jackets, leather jackets and more.

All in all, you now have an extensive range of men bomber jacket styles available that you can mix match with various inners, bottoms and shoes.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket?

how to wear a bomber jacket

Now coming back to the main topic, you might often wonder, how to wear a bomber jacket. What to wear with a bomber jacket? How to style a bomber jacket?

Jacket styling starts with choosing the right style, i.e., what type of bomber jacket you want to wear. Knowing the right men bomber jacket style will allow you to dress up accordingly.

For instance, black leather bomber jacket for men is a classic choice since its versatile style allows you to wear it for almost any occasion. Moreover, the best bomber jacket color is black as it fits in perfect harmony with a number of clothing styles.

You may also choose between navy blue bomber jacket, brown, green and burgundy, to name a few. But, always keep in mind that the color of the jacket would decide what inner or bottom would go with the jacket.

If you are not into leather jacket but more into a lightweight casual style, you may want to opt for sports luxe. The style is gaining popularity every passing year. You can wear the jacket with a t-shirt, a relaxed or boxy trouser for a more casual look. You may also experiment with a hooded bomber jacket and see how it will go with the looks.

Similarly, for a casual night out with friends, you may ditch the trouser for jeans and wear it with a plan Tee.

You may also go with a suede bomber jacket if you want a more relaxed yet unique look. However, you may want to avoid the fabric during rainy seasons.

On the whole, bomber jacket can be styled in many different ways. You can try styling with different fabrics or colors. See what suits your style and taste.

How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit?

how should a bomber jacket fit

Gone are the days, when bomber jacket was limited to a boxy style because of the aviators’ requirements for layering and room for other necessities. In the modern era, the jacket is upgraded to a flattering fit. While picking the right jacket for you, keep in mind the fitting area near shoulders, sleeves and body.

You may need to look for snug shoulders, fit sleeves that stick close to the skin and a slim body.

On Final Note

A bomber jacket is an outerwear that boasts versatile styles. By picking the right fabric and color, you can experiment the men bomber jacket style with many unique combinations.