When people are looking to purchase a dress shirt, they generally check brand, quality, and price, however, they overlook an extremely important aspect: Fit. A correct size is a vital characteristic of a great looking dress shirt. An ill-fitting dress shirt makes a person look sloppy and unprofessional while the right fit can make clothing of any price point look amazing. Therefore, it is important to understand and know about men’s shirt measurements. This will help you choose a shirt with the proper measurements. Let’s briefly discuss some details of men’s shirt measurements which you should consider to ensure that you are getting a right fit for yourself.


The chest portion is crucial. If it is too tight, wrinkles may appear around the buttons. Conversely, loose torso size will result in extra fabric hang slacks around the chest or waist area, which may make you look sloppy. A perfect fit shirt will taper down your midsection following your natural body frame. Moreover, a shirt should tuck in without billowing at sides.


A shoulder fit is not very difficult to measure. A dress shirt with perfect shoulder size should drape seamlessly across the upper chest. Moreover, it should not show pull lines from buttons or arm area and rest where your arm connects the shoulder. This will ensure that you have a freedom of movement without any twisting or tugging on the shoulder seam.

Sleeve Length

A perfectly sized sleeve will fit around your arm without restricting your arms mobility. A general rule of thumb is that sleeves must have tailored fit down the wrist. It should be equally distributed and not bunched up at the cuff or shoulder. Moreover, the sleeve length should hit right below your wrist bone.

Shirt Collar

The primary purpose of a collar is to frame your face. A wrong fitted collar will make your entire outfit look unbalanced. A small collar will make you feel uncomfortable and large collar will result in a big gap around your neck. A perfect collar sits comfortably around your neckline and lets two fingers fit between neck and collar without pressing too hard. Collar fit may also depend upon its design as buying a dress shirt provides you the freedom to choose between different designs of collars such as spread collar, straight point collar, and button down collar, to name a few.


As a general rule of thumb, the length of your dress shirt should fall between the top and the bottom of your zipper. It should stay tucked in when you raise your arms. This is extremely important because if hemline is too short, your shirt may get untucked.

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