Neutral Colors for Clothes: A Smart Choice for Men

When you’re trying to build a classic and complete wardrobe, it is important to have a solid base of neutral colored clothing. This will make dressing so much easier and save you lots of time when deciding what to pair together. Regardless of your skin tone or body type, neutral-colored clothing is a smart choice especially if you’re trying to create great looks on a budget.

What are neutral colors?

The most commonly used neutral tones are white, black, shades of gray, navy, and beige. These colors easily pair with any prints or patterns in your closet, along with any other solid colors. You can incorporate some pale colors such as light blue and olive to complete your collection too. 

Why choose neutral colors for clothes?

There are several benefits to choosing neutral colors. First off, putting together a stylish and balanced outfit is extremely easy with neutral colors. For instance, you can match your navy shirt with a variety of pants such as white, black, gray, beige, charcoal, or olive. You can almost never go wrong with blending neutral colors together. 

Secondly, neutral colors provide you with the versatility that some colorful clothing cannot provide. You can wear the same clothes to different events just by tweaking your accessories. Imagine you have an interview scheduled for the day and want to dress conservatively, but you have a dinner party to attend afterward. You can throw a classic white dress shirt under a suit with a black silk tie to attend the interview and switch to a more colorful tie and pocket square at night for a chicer, evening look.

Finally, if you like to dress in low contrast, neutral color clothing is an ideal choice. For instance, you can wear tan chinos with a white shirt or perhaps flaunt in style in olive shorts with a light gray shirt.

It is evident that neutral colors apparels are necessary staples for your closet. They make a great option for men affordable fashion and facilitate you to achieve a stunning and perfect look without spending a fortune. These less saturated colors that do not often show in color wheel can most certainly help you to stand out from the rest.