How to Pack Your Summer Clothes for the Next Season

Winter is on its way and with it the urge of getting new pairs of seasonal wears like warm hoodies, mufflers and sweaters, you name it.

Well, getting some new pairs of clothes may sound exciting. But, when we see the chaotic state of our current wardrobe all our excitement goes down the drain.

Before we plan to get new winter wear, we first need to empty the wardrobe and pack all the summer clothes safely so we can reuse it the next year.

So, if you are planning to brim your current wardrobe with winter wear, you may first need to pack your summer clothes away. However, when we say packing, we don’t mean stocking all the clothes in large bags and cram them in some dark corners of the wardrobe or the attic.

You might need to reconsider how you pack your clothes because there may definitely be some pairs in it that could be your favorite. Of course, you wouldn’t want to ruin them by tucking them away in an unorganized manner.  Would you?

Consider the following packing tips to ensure that your favorite pairs of clothes remain safe against discoloration, stains, moulds, etc.

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Before You Get Started

Empty your entire wardrobe and lay down all the content (apparel) on your bed or a table. By emptying the wardrobe, you will have complete picture of all the belongings you have and how you are going to deal with it.

Secondly, one of the best ways to reduce some items is by donating them to homeless or needy people. Surely, there may be some old pairs in your current stock that you have reused a couple of times and you don’t wear them at all.

You may also donate or discard clothes that have caught unremovable stains or those that are on the brink of decay.

Finally, be organized and sort your clothes into pants, shirts, T-shirts, etc.

5 Tips to Pack Your Summer Clothes the Right Way

1. One of the most common mistakes people make, especially men, when it comes to packing is not washing the clothes at all. When you leave your clothes as is, you invite all kinds of germs and insects take shelter in the fabric. Moreover, unwashed clothes would leave different kinds of bad smell in your clothes such as the smell of your sweat, food remnants, etc.

If you don’t want your clothes to smell like rotten eggs the next year you unpack them, it is advisable that you wash them up before you pack.

2. If you want that your clothes seem new and smell good the next year to take them out of your wardrobe, you should consider using a fabric conditioner with good fragrance.

Or, you may also use scented tissues and place them between the clothes.

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3. Talking about washing, it is better to get some pairs of sophisticated clothes dry clean instead of washing them in your home. However, don’t forget to remove the plastic bag before packing the clothes.

Plastic bags tend to trap moisture when left untouched for several days. The resulting moisture ends up leaving yellow stains on your clothes. If you don’t wish to ruin your favorite clothes to moisture or stains, remove the plastic bag.

4. Buy a few cotton garment bags as well as a few storage boxes. In fact, even a single storage box would do if you don’t have unnecessary summer clothes to pack.

Before you put the clothes into the bags, fold them up in a neat manner. Also, keep a gap between the top of the box and the lead to let some air get in.

If you happen to have sophisticated fabrics like silk, you may want to ditch the boxes and instead pack up the clothes in a cotton bag.

5. Bad smell or moisture isn’t the only threat that you may need to counterattack when packing your summer clothes. Other great dangers that could ruin your favorite clothes are moths and other insects.

So, if you don’t want these pests make holes in your clothes and damage them forever, you need to place moth repellents.

That’s all for today! Feel free to add your personal packing tips in the comments section below.