Z8 Justin Leather Bomber Jacket for Men – Detachable Hood Mens Leather Jacket

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Flaunt the Top Gun inspired 100% genuine leather bomber jacket for men. Seamless tailoring and beautiful detailing, Z8 bomber jacket packs an attached hood that is separated with an added zipper. The jacket gathers firmly at the bottom and on the sleeves with its expandable elastic. The jacket also boast a pair of hand pockets, a stylish zipper pocket on the front, a pair of straps on the collar for perfect fitting and a bomber-style straps on the shoulders.

Available in three colors.

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Transform it either into bomber leather jacket or hooded leather bomber jacket, Z8 aviator-style jacket can be worn on a wide variety of garments including casual outfits and formal wears.

The jacket came into the trend with the launching of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun movie and since then the trend has never died down but rose to new heights with different modifications, tailoring details and colors. Bomber jacket for men is an ageless addition to your wardrobe ensemble that gives off a manly statement.

Comfortable Hood

Z8 bomber leather for men comes with a detachable hood. Instead, the hood is attached with an added zipper. You can leave the front zipper open while fasten the inner zipper for a dashing look.

Stylish Collar Straps

Most bomber jackets are available with a fleece collar while Z8 bomber jacket comes with a two-button strap collar which gives you enough control on whether the tighten up the collar or loosen it up to let more air in.

Zipper-Style Pockets

Keep your hands warm during the cold winters or stash your valuables and zip up the pocket. We leave that all up to you.

Modish Colors

At Z8, you can find a wide mix of bomber jackets such as navy blue jacket, brown and black leather bomber jacket for men. Pick the color that suits your taste or defines your style.

Size Information:

  • Find your body measurement to determine which size you should order
  • The measurements given in this chart are in Inches
  • Real leather jacket true to size
  • Considered a regular fit; cut with a little extra room through the chest and body for comfort


Across Shoulder18.8″ (48cm)19.8″ (50.5cm)20.8″ (53cm)21.8″ (55.5cm)22.8″ (58cm)23.8″ (60.5cm)
Chest42.1″ (107cm)45.3″ (114cm)48.1″ (122cm)51.1″ (130cm)54.3″ (138cm)57.4″ (146cm)
Waist39.0″ (99cm)42.1″ (107cm)45.3″ (114cm)48.1″ (122cm)51.1″ (130cm)54.3″ (138cm)
Sleeve35.1″ (89cm)35.9″ (91.25cm)36.8″ (93.5cm)38.1″ (96.75cm)39.3″ (100cm)40.2″ (102.25cm)
Length25.9″ (66cm)26.3″ (67cm)26.8″ (68cm)27.2″ (69cm)27.6″ (70cm)27.9″ (71cm)

Details and Care:

  • Full-zip front
  • Long sleeves
  • Zipper style pockets
  • Medium weight
  • Shell: 100% Genuine leather
  • Professional leather clean
  • Available in Black, Navy Blue and Brown Color.

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19 reviews for Z8 Justin Leather Bomber Jacket for Men – Detachable Hood Mens Leather Jacket

  1. Andrew D. (store manager)

    The jacket is really comfortable and warm. It was delivered to me within 3 days of ordering. Great service.

  2. Carlos P. (store manager)

    Really happy with the jacket and the service. Exactly the size I ordered. It fits perfectly on me.

  3. Cynthia R. (store manager)

    This is exactly the jacket I was looking for, slim fit and detachable hood.

  4. Scott (store manager)

    Preparing for the coming I thought this is the right time to get me a bomber hood. The jacket is a perfect size for me and got the delivery in just few days after ordering.

  5. Jean (store manager)

    I had my eyes on this blue bomber, but was waiting for some discount. Bought it as soon as I got the discount.

  6. Max (store manager)

    The leather quality of the jacket is really great. It is comfortable to wear and the size I bought was a perfect fit. The size chart is really accurate.

  7. Michael (store manager)

    I ordered the jacket 3 days ago and got it delivered just today. That was really quick. The jacket is really great.

  8. Zane (store manager)

    I love this jacket! Jacket is made from real high quality leather and the stitching is done very well. The jacket is truly slim fit and has a really comfortable inner lining. There’s also a detachable hood which comes off by zipper. I like the detachable hood because the jacket can be more of a winter jacket with the hood and more of a fall jacket without the hood. This is because the hood is made of a warm fleece material. I also really like the tan color as I feel that it can match with just about anything in my wardrobe.Lastly, there are a lot of pockets both on the inside and outside of the jacket. Overall I feel that this jacket is a great value as it is extremely stylish yet it also very functional. I love the quality of this Z8 jacket and I plan on buying more products from them in the future.

  9. RFL (store manager)

    Warm lined jacket with a heavy ‘fleece’ hood (detachable) should be good for all but the coldest winter day (Salt lake city). Will go great with jeans or dark pants. Slim fit on me, a bit tight but more incentive to loose a little weight.

  10. Brent R. (store manager)

    I live outside the City of Chicago and was looking for a great fall Jacket in Cubbie blue. While perusing amazon i came across Z8 Clothing. They were offering a wonderful blue leather Jacket with a Zip out Fleece hood at 20% off, a perfect price for a stylish Cubbie Blue Leather Jacket. Also perfect for fall in Chicago. The jacket fits really nice and the fleece added an extra dimension protection from cold Mid West winds. I am currently having a friend air brush the Cubs logo on the back and will update with a picture when he is finished.

  11. Jaree K. (store manager)

    Different color was a positive point. I was a bit afriad when buying this leather jacket because of there weren’t any reviews on this one but the color attracted me and i forced myself to buy it. To my amazement it was a good choice of mine. The size is perfect and the quality of leather is excellent. I would say 100% recommended.

  12. Angela T. (store manager)

    I got this beautiful, soft leather jacket for my nephew. He loves jackets. I wasn’t sure if it would fit to the point of zipping up, but I knew it would fit in every other way. But for him to put it on, and zip it up was phenomenal in itself. The hood being removable is an added plus, cause although he loved the jacket, the hood was another story. Even if the hood didn’t detach, it’s still a 5 star rating

  13. Amy L. (store manager)

    Brown color, good quality material with a classic and timeless look. Jacket has good weight to it and goes to below the waist. Leather has nice thickness. Good attention to detail. Comes nicely packaged. A jacket made for a man and looks like it will last.

  14. Richard T. (store manager)

    Very good leather, well made jacket.

  15. Repro63 (store manager)

    I ordered this in size XXX-L. I have several coats, jackets and hooded sweatshirts all in that size. This jacket is so small that I can’t get it on. It is so unfortunate because this jacket is really really nice. It is a unique leather jacket design that is also very practical. It has a like a hooded sweatshirt inner lining with a hood that zips on/off. The jacket zips up to the neck and has a very decorative and functional double strap/buckle to seal the neck. The cuffs are match the lining. It has multiple pockets with hidden inner pockets. The jacket and pocket zippers are heavy duty and durable. I love the way the jacket looks and it is well crafted and high quality. If it would only fit. I have to give the jacket 3 stars because I can’t wear it due to the size issue.

  16. Gerbera (store manager)

    While the jacket is well made and well stitched, the sizing is way smaller than it should be. We ordered 3XL and it felt like we got XL! It said 3XL on the tag alas hubs couldn’t even put his second arm in, the shoulders were so narrow. So while the jacket is good quality, the bad sizing prevents him from wearing it – he was looking forward to getting his hands on it, and we were very disappointed with how this turned out! Get the sizing right, please!

  17. Mary V. (store manager)

    The leather looks chafed on this jacket. I’m not sure if it is supposed to have the ‘distressed’ look, or someone has been careless with this expensive coat.
    I’m not too big on the cotton hood attached to a leather jacket. Yeah, I know it is mimicking the layered look, with a hoodie underneath. But, no. Keep the cool leather jacket cool. Don’t cheapen it.

  18. Sheryl L. (store manager)

    This jacket is quite nice. However, the zippers are not the best quality. The main zipper is ok but a bit flimsy and hard to work. There is a zipper for attaching the hood that is way too flimsy. Jacket is quite warm. Leather is soft but not buttery. Jacket looks very good.

  19. Anonymous (store manager)

    I ordered and received a 3xl jacket but it is way to small for me. The arms are short and way tight. It does seem like a nice jacket just watch the sizes. It fits like a XL or 2xl. It does smell good. Real leather.

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