Z8 Justin Leather Bomber Jacket for Men – Detachable Hood Mens Leather Jacket


Justin Leather Jacket Size Chart

Size Chart
Across Shoulder18.8″ (48cm)19.8″ (50.5cm)20.8″ (53cm)21.8″ (55.5cm)22.8″ (58cm)23.8″ (60.5cm)
Chest42.1″ (107cm)45.3″ (114cm)48.1″ (122cm)51.1″ (130cm)54.3″ (138cm)57.4″ (146cm)
Waist39.0″ (99cm)42.1″ (107cm)45.3″ (114cm)48.1″ (122cm)51.1″ (130cm)54.3″ (138cm)
Sleeve34.8″ (88.5cm)35.8″ (91cm)36.8″ (93.5cm)37.8″ (96cm)38.8″ (98.5cm)40.2″ (102.25cm)
Length25.9″ (66cm)26.3″ (67cm)26.8″ (68cm)27.2″ (69cm)27.6″ (70cm)27.9″ (71cm)

Flaunt the Top Gun inspired 100% genuine leather bomber jacket for men. Seamless tailoring and beautiful detailing, Z8 bomber jacket packs an attached hood that is separated with an added zipper. The jacket gathers firmly at the bottom and on the sleeves with its expandable elastic. The jacket also boast a pair of hand pockets, a stylish zipper pocket on the front, a pair of straps on the collar for perfect fitting and a bomber-style straps on the shoulders.

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