Men’s wardrobe is often packed with lots of cotton shirts. But, cotton shouldn’t be the only fabric that your wardrobe flaunts. In fact, there is a wide range of other fabrics that can enhance your dressing sense and add to your overall ensemble.

It is also important to note here that the quality and smoothness of the fabric is also defined by the number of threads used to weave it. As a rule of thumb, the higher the number of threads used for the shirt, the finest the quality as well as the cost.

Check out the different types of fabrics used for men’s shirts so you can find the perfect shirt fabric that matches your style.

Types of Shirt Fabrics


It is not exactly a type of fabric. It is rather a type of clothing which is woven on a special apparatus that is used for weaving yarn or thread. Regardless, dobby fabric is usually weighty because of its thickness. You may often find stripes woven into the fabric, which adds more appeal to the dress. The texture that is resulted from the unique weaving is preferred for formal dressing. 

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There are many benefits associated with poplin fabric. For instance, you don’t often need to iron the shirt since the fabric allows little or no wrinkle. Anyway, poplin can be of cotton, silk, polyester, wool, or a mixture of all. It can have ribbed texture or a smooth surface, depending on how it is woven.


It is the fabric that you’ll mostly see people wearing it during the winters. After all, the fabric provides the wearer with warmth which is what people desire in winters. The fabric was initially woven from worsted yam or ribbed wool. However, it can now be found in 100% cotton, wool and also synthetic fiber. If you want to wear a soft flannel fabric, go for a brushed flannel.

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If you happen to come across any piece of clothing with a diagonal weave or texture, know that the fabric would most likely be twill. The fabric is often mistaken for silk because of the extra fineness that comes from the high number of threads used in it. The best aspect of the fabric is that it is fairly easy to iron and, more importantly, it offers a wrinkle-resistant wear.


It is one of the denser types of clothing which can often be seen used for making handkerchief. The fabric was initially woven in the French Commune from where it took the name, Chambray. The fabric is also inconsistent in color since it usually uses white threads in wafting.


Broadcloth is often mistaken for poplin. It is because of the nature of the threads and weaving style that people mistake poplin for broadcloth or vice versa. It is one of the lightest fabrics out there yet it is created from tight weaving. It is because of the lack of texture and thinner fabric; the cloth can often seem transparent. Apart from that, the lack of texture also contributes to the fineness of the fabric which may also result in too much wrinkles.

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Denim is one of the most common yet the popular kinds of fabric that we see only in jeans. However, you may find a softer and lighter denim fabric when it comes to denim shirts. The fabric can seem similar to twill but it is sturdier than the former.


Melange is one of those types of fabrics that you’d definitely like to try. It is one of the smoothest fabrics in the list. It uses different color threads that give the fabric a unique look and feel.


End on End delivers you a lightweight fabric that you’d love to wear during warm seasons. The fabric offers a distinct look and feel, perhaps because of the multi-color threats it uses. 

Royal Oxford

It is a fabric that holds the same quality as its name. The royal oxford is a soft and shiny fabric that boasts distinctive textures. You may usually find the fabric in dress shirts used for formal occasions such as work or event.

Final Thoughts

There are other more types of fabrics than the ones discussed here. Understanding more about the type of fabric can help you learn what type of fabric would suit your taste or fashion sense.