I personally believe that men are more prone to making shopping mistakes than women. After all, our counterparts are born with the innate sense of what fits well with their styles. We, on the other hand, have to develop those senses and polish them to perfection.

You might wonder, how would I do that? You start by avoiding the shopping disasters.

Mistakes are a part of our life. It is because of making mistakes that we learn how to survive, how to fight against odds, how to thrive, how to strengthen relationships, etc. However, what is not right is that you fail to learn from the mistakes and end up repeating them at every possible situation you get.

Yes, you might not be making the shopping mistakes intentionally. But, you also aren’t learning from them, which is why you are bound to repeat the mistakes.

Well, before I sound more like a philosopher and end up boring you, let’s check out 4 common shopping disasters every man should avoid.

4 Shopping Mistakes Men Should Stop Making

1. What is the first thing you do before heading to a grocery store? You grab the grocery list from your wife who’s gone through hell scanning the kitchen cabinets and finding the missing items.

Coming back to the point, a list is a necessity when you go out for shopping, regardless if it is grocery shopping or apparel. It keeps you focused to the items that you need for the season or occasion.

Moreover, it also keeps you away from overspending.

2. Is someone stopping you from looking good for less? If no, then it wouldn’t be wise to waste your hard-earned money on quality clothes that you can buy for less. Don’t turn away your face believing this isn’t for you because you are a brand guy.

Even if you are into premium-quality clothing, you shouldn’t spend a hefty sum on a single polo shirt with a logo of your favorite brand. Well, you can look for the same item at the clearance sale aisle for way lesser than you could ever imagine.

Ask any women and they would start drooling after hearing you say, “clearance sale”. After all, sales on clothing is what every woman wants. But as a style-conscious person, you too should always keep a lookout for seasonal or clearance sales.

3. Have you ever heard the term, “window shopping”? If you are a married man, there’s no doubt that you haven’t heard it.

There’s a reason why women are crazy about window shopping. Though it is a fact that shopping malls are kind of a heaven to women, but they don’t do window shopping for the sake of that reason alone.

Window shopping allows you to keep tabs on what is in trend and what’s becoming obsolete. It also allows you to compare the prices of apparel that may have caught your attention.

Moreover, it also prepares you to try out different shops before purchasing an item that may have earned your interest. So, do window shopping every once in a while. And, never shop from a single store without looking for the same item elsewhere. There’s no telling that you might find the same quality clothing from a different store at a less price.

4. Men are a bit impatient and there’s no denying that. We can’t stay at one place for more than an hour or two unless it is our home or our most-frequented spot.

Anyway, our impatience often lead to regretting some decisions such as buying a smart looking shirt only to find it that it doesn’t match our size. This shopping disaster happen when we avoid the men’s changing room.

Yes, buying an incorrect size may not be a big problem if the store is only a few minute walk away from your home. But what if it is in a different state with no local branch? Even if that’s not the case, using the changing room is a good habit as it would allow you to save yourself from the trouble of going back to the store to look for the exact same pair in a different size.