Proper grooming supplemented by suitable clothing gives you a professional appearance which is critical to gain the respect of your comrades at the workplace. The way you dress and carry yourself makes an impression on the people and dictate how they will treat you. Dressing well does not only help you to impress your colleagues, but also boost your self-confidence. Thus, learning about dress code etiquette and how it may affect professional appearance is important. When it comes to menswear, there are several avenues to explore. Today, let’s discuss the power of solid color shirts.

Power of Solid Color Shirts

If you explore the market of men’s dress shirt, you’ll be amazed to see the amount of variety that is available to choose from, ranging from checkered button down shirts to polka dot design. However, smart professionals limit themselves to solid shirts with true and rich colors that embody sophistication and grace while giving them the opportunity to display individualism. Solid dress shirts can be considered as a staple of businessmen’s wardrobe.

Solid Color Dress Shirts

white solid color shirt

When we talk about power dressing; nothing beats a high-quality solid colored dress shirt such as a White Dress Shirt. It can elegantly frame your face while you give a presentation during your next meeting and perhaps absorb your perspiration while you face a tough round of questioning during an interview. Not only it will make you look sharp and well dressed by complementing your suit, but it can stand alone and be the centerpiece of your outfit.

blue solid color shirt

The best part: solid colored dress shirt such as Blue Solid Dress Shirt not only serve as a perfect outfit for professional settings, but it can also help you sport a semi-casual look for Friday night drinks at the pub by throwing a pair of jeans and snickers. You may wear a sports jacket to increase the appeal and grace of your dress shirt or perhaps wear it lonesome, fold sleeves, and wear a timepiece or men’s accessory to give a chic and fashionable appearance.

When it comes to choosing colors for your solid dress shirt, neutral colors such as white, black, gray, and hues of blue ranging from lighter shades to darker tones automatically makes the cut due to their compatibility with almost every outfit. However, that does not mean that you disregard the others. According to current fashion trends, the yellow colored shirts are back in demand. Yellow is mostly associated with humor, fun, and spontaneity, making them an ideal choice for animated and energetic people.

If you are looking for affordable shirts, yet want to differentiate yourself and appear distinct from the rest, you may also consider purple or turquoise colored solid dress shirts. Purple is linked to mystery and royalty while turquoise exhibits wisdom, creativity, and tranquility. The plus point: both of these colors have a contemporary and modern feel, and help you feel younger and more energized.

Final Words

They say “The first step to being respected is to look respectable” and nothing amplifies the grace and sophistication of a man like a crisp, premium quality solid color shirt complemented by contrasting pant and suitable footwear. Add a handful of them in your wardrobe and you’re good to go!