Style Guide – Do As David Beckham Does

Inspired by David Beckham? You’re not alone in the Beckham style craze. There are over millions of Beckham fans across the globe.

The iconic personality of the sports industry, David Beckham, has earned a name and an irrefutable place in the world, when it comes to styling. It is not just his game that has won the hearts of many but also his distinct personality that has caught the eyes of both males and females alike.

Beckham has been turning heads with his style ever since his training days. He knows how to wear a cap that looks stylish or wear the bottom that complements the overall ensemble.

If you wish to achieve the David Beckham looks and want to attract the roving eyes of people wherever you go, do as David Beckham does.

David Beckham’s Body & Build

Before you start following your ideals, be it in any industry or sector, you should first consider and understand some basic yet important aspects. For instance, build or physique comes first when it comes to styling.

Unlike most other celebrities out there, such as Dwayne Johnson or Chris Evans, David Beckham has a lean physique. He knows about his lean body which is why he picks the right ensemble that flares up Beckham’s distinct style.

Therefore, never readily accept or start following the style guide of any person if it doesn’t match your physique. Nothing would look good on you if it doesn’t complement your build.

How to Exude Classy to Trendy Looks Like Beckham

For the sake of brevity, we aren’t going to talk about David Beckham’s hairstyle or the accessories he wear. We’re only going to stick ourselves to Beckham dressing style.

The Casual Wear

Over the years, we’ve seen Beckham in a variety of casual outfits, from flannels shirts and denim to T-shirts and chinos.

The celeb looks good both in formal as well as casual wears. He picks the right color, fabric and clothing that go perfectly well with his styles. In fact, his choosing of wear brings his distinct personality before us.

Talking about casual wear, time and again we’ve seen David Beckham in his favorite flannel shirts. We often see him donning buttoned flannel shirt with a white T inside it. Also, he has come out with open button flannel shirt with a grey colored T inside it. He then finishes his overall looks with denim jeans either in black or blue.

If we move past from casual to smart casual, we will see that Beckham has even aced those looks as well. Many a times, the sports icon has been spotted in smart casual style with a pair of warm-color T’s and a slightly light color blazer. The celeb gives the finishing touch to the ensemble with a contrasting boots.

T’s and blazers aren’t the only wears that enhance Beckham’s style. The celeb can also been seen in regular or denim shirts. At one occasion, Beckham wore polka dot long sleeves slim fit shirt and layered it with a classic white T.

The Formal Wear

Over the years, Beckham has mastered the way of the suits. When he dons the formal wear, you can notice that it is neither too tight nor loose but just a perfect fit that harmonizes with his physique. It isn’t just the fitting that Beckham has perfected but the overall styling such as the color, tone, accessories, etc.

Beckham in Leather Jacket

slim fit black leather jacket for men

Leather jacket, be it brown leather jacket or a black leather jacket, is a must in every man’s wardrobe. The vast collection of different leather jackets in Beckham’s wardrobe signifies his love for these jackets.

On various occasions, the sports celeb has been spotted with different jackets such as James Dean-inspired jacket, bomber leather jacket, café-racer or biker leather jacket and more. Needless to mention, he has even aced this style with a variety of ensemble such as denim jeans, leather belt, etc.

Well, there’s no harm to have an ideal someone in mind when it comes to styling. However, everyone has a distinct individuality and keeping it alive is what makes us stand out of the crowd. So, take inspiration from David Beckham style and mix and match it with your dressing style, while keeping your individuality intact.