The new season is upon us and it’s time to pack your current wardrobe ensemble and get buy some new ones. Or, take out the ones from the previous season. Isn’t that another option we always have, unless those favorite pairs of yours are already worn to shreds?

Clothes are meant to be an investment that can be reconsidered when the time is right. Apart from that, you would never want your favorite pairs to get all worn and torn by the next year you take them out of your closet.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take good care of your current ensemble and extend its life, so you may reuse it as many times as you want. And for that, you should stick to the following practices:

Here’s How to Extend Your Clothes’ Life

Indeed, laundering is essential. However, if you get your clothes laundered more often, you would end up reducing its life. Cleanliness is imperative and it allows you to get rid of that pest of dirt. However, it results in more wearing and tearing. Therefore, try to launder your clothes less often. Instead, try as much as possible to prevent getting stains or dirt. Also, air-dry them to get rid of the residue of sweat and the leftover smell.

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When it comes to laundering, it is essential that you read the tag first. The tag carries the instructions on how to best clean your cloth and dry them after getting them laundered. Reading the label is also essential because some clothes can be laundered at home, while some high-maintenance clothes need strict dry-cleaning. And regular dry cleaning means, unnecessary expense to your wallet.

As said earlier, if you want to reduce laundering or dry cleaning, it is best to avoid getting stains, which is almost not possible in every occasion. Or, you may treat the stains as soon as the clothes catch it. You don’t need to wash the stained part of the cloth every time you get a stain. In fact, you can use specialized stain treatment spray to treat the stains without washing it.

Fading is another problem we’ve to face when it comes to our favorite jeans or shirts. If you don’t want the color of your clothes to be faded, air-dry the clothes inside out. It will protect the colored side of the clothes against direct sunlight and, thus, the resulting fade.

Excessive sweating can also reduce the life of your clothes. In fact, it can also result in sweat stains. If you don’t want your excessive body oil ruin your favorite shirts, use undershirts. The undershirts will soak the most part of the sweat, keeping your shirt sweat free and sparkly.

It is common to get hairspray or perfume once we’ve put on our clothes. Well, it is not a good practice because the chemicals contained in the sprays can damage the fabric of your clothes. So, it is better to get over with the hairspray or any fragrance before getting dressed.

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Use the right hanger for the right type of clothing. For instance, lightweight garments like lingerie should be hanged on padded hangers. Clothes that have pads such as blazers should be hanged on wood hangers. Avoid wire hangers at all cost.

It is advisable to change your office attire as soon as you get back home. Keep in mind that wearing same clothes all day long will reduce its life faster than frequent laundering or bleaching.

Religiously following the tips presented here will allow you to take care of your favorite clothes better. If you also have a trick or two up your sleeve regarding the maintenance of your clothes, do share with us in the comments section below.