When it comes to job interviews, your outfit can play a substantial role in dictating the final outcome. It takes seconds for an interviewer to formulate an opinion about you solely based on your appearance. You might be wondering what to wear to an interview for men. Some might say go formal, but you must choose the right combination of the dress if you really want to impress the interviewer. Here are three formal dress combos for interview for man that can be made with affordable shirts to ensure that you are dressed immaculately for your next interview.

White Shirt with Black Dress Pant

formal white dress shirt for interview for men

A white shirt is considered as one of the safest and popular formal dress for interview for man, and rightly so. The color white symbolizes goodness, light, and purity. It reflects cleanliness and positivity and gives the impression that you are a detail-oriented and an organized individual. Consider wearing a Nyle – White Shirt for men with black dress pant and formal shoes. Remember to always choose white cotton over linen shirt as the latter tend to crease extremely easily. The white shirt – black pant combo adds a clean and spotless appeal to your personality. You can wear a no-pattern black tie with a grey tie-pin to create a more refined and polished look.

Light Blue Shirt with Navy Blue Dress Pant

blue formal dress shirt for interview for men

You can never go wrong wearing a light blue shirt. From the interviewer’s perspective, the blue color represents confidence, stability, and trust. Moreover, it presents you as a calm, honest, and secure person. A Ryan – Blue Solid Dress Shirt for men supplemented by a Dress Pant from the spectrum of darker blue, preferably navy blue, will project you as a self-reliant and optimistic professional who is in complete control. You can either wear a black or brown oxford with this combo; just make sure to match the color of your belt with the shoes as it shows professionalism and attention to detail. A solid light blue shirt is a perfect formal dress for an interview for men. Wear it with a darker tie, especially a navy-blue shade. It will really help you give a classic and stylish appearance.

Light Grey Shirt with Black Dress Pant

formal grey dress shirt for interview for men

Companies often like to test their candidate’s ability to interpret mannerism and fashion etiquette by requesting a business casual dress code. People often commit mistake and go really casual, for instance, wearing polka dot shirt with jeans; which can prove to be detrimental for their job prospects.

In a business causal environment, a light grey color shirt can prove to be an excellent choice. The color grey is not a distracting color, which allows the interviewer to maintain better focus on you and facilitate effective communication. You can wear a Z8 Andrew – Grey Classic Shirt for men with black dress pant complemented by brown belt and shoes. Make sure to choose leather over suede as it looks more professional and premium. Grey denotes classiness and sophistication, therefore, use it to your advantage and impress the evaluator on your next interview. You may avoid wearing a tie if the employer specifically mentioned causal dressing.

Final Words

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in branded shirts to look good. This is why knowing what to wear to an interview for men is important. choosing the right formal dress for an interview for men, even with simple and affordable shirts, will give you an edge over those expensive and overpriced clothing any day. No matter which combination you decide to wear for the interview, just makes sure to try on a day in advance and iron them. Dressing perfectly will boost your confidence which will translate in your body language and help you nail the job interview. Good luck!