Next time you’re on the bus, take a look around at some of the other men. You’re likely to see a wide variety of styles on display. Some men will inevitably be wearing jeans, sneakers, and tee shirts. Others will be wearing a suit and tie.

Unfortunately, a number of guys out there just don’t know how to dress well these days–or they simply don’t care. At Z8 Clothing, we make affordable men’s clothes that have been specifically designed to look great without breaking the bank. In today’s blog, we’d like to take a look at a few of the things we believe can help any man to up his style game whether he is just starting to take an interest in dressing well or he has been at it for years and is looking for a bit of a refresher. Keep reading to learn more!

It’s All About Fit

When it comes to looking great and dressing well, the number one thing to remember that having the right fit is absolutely key. Because there are so many different styles out there and each person is going to have a different preference, the right fit is going to mean different things to different people. For example, whereas some men prefer their clothes to fit tight, others like things a bit looser. Both can work, but there are a number of factors that come into play.

One thing that we love doing is engaging in a particular community on social media. Take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, or Reddit and you’ll likely find a group of likeminded people who are posting on the ins and outs of a particular fashion. Follow along with those people to see how they put clothes together and make a mental note about what you think. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is a crucial step in determining your personal style.

Make a Statement About Who You Are

Maybe you are influenced by James Dean or Johnny Cash. If that’s the case, you will want pieces of clothing with a more classic look. Perhaps you prefer the style choices of Daniel Craig. In that instance, you’ll want a look that’s refined, but still modern.

The point is that your clothes tell the world what to think about you. As much as we’d like to think that most people aren’t judging a book by its cover, the truth is that they are. When you are dressed well and put together, it can tell people that you take yourself seriously and that they should take you seriously as well.

At the end of the day, regardless of what clothing you choose, you should feel like a million bucks every time you wear it. If you don’t love what you’re wearing, there is no point in wearing it. Fortunately for you, we make plenty of affordable men’s clothes that look great without breaking the bank, ensuring that you can always find a new favorite.

Don’t Forget To Be Yourself

One other important thing to note is that it’s crucial to take risks. Now we’re not saying that you need to find something that wouldn’t look out of place on a runway or anything like that, but don’t hesitate to mix it up from time to time. Look at your closet and try to find ways to pair things you’ve never worn together before. Use your eye and you’ll be just fine.

When you first set out on the journey towards self expression through your clothing, you’ll be tempted to copy someone else’s style–that’s totally fine. If you find a look that you love, feel free to borrow it. As you become more comfortable, you can start to make it your own. Clothing is one of the best ways to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to let your true personality shine through your clothing choices.

Timeless Looks Are Never a Bad Idea

You’ve probably heard at some point or another that everything comes back into fashion, and that’s true. Take a look at high waisted jeans on women. They were all the rage a few decades ago and now they’re back and bigger than ever.

The key to making sure you always look great is to not worry too much about fads. Sure, you can participate in the trends that come and go, but the crucial thing to do is to build your wardrobe around timeless pieces that you know you’ll love a few years from now.

Feel Free to Throw the Rule Book Out the Window

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is to remember that your style is completely up to you. You are completely in control of what you wear–unless, of course, you have to stick to a specific uniform or dress code at work. In every other instance, however, you should feel free to dress however you like. We mentioned above that you shouldn’t wear something unless it makes you feel like a million bucks. The other side of that statement is that you shouldn’t worry about what someone else thinks of it. If you love it, wear it proudly!

Our preferences are what make each one of us unique and our uniqueness is something that we believe should be celebrated.

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